Membership system

Baden Powell

CustardLabs' original core project, developing, supporting and maintaining the membership system used by large organisations such as the Guides and Scouts of Sweden, the Norwegian Guide and Scout Association, and Noregs Mållag

If you are on the lookout for a fully featured, configurable and extendable hosted membership/organisation administration system please get in touch with us: info{#} or alternatively if you represent a membership organisation, perhaps get in touch with one of the above organisations, for a user-perspective of the offering.

There is no specific pricing model to display here, as the system is a collaboration project between its user-organisations. In summary, the system is somewhat free to use, with the expectation that you are willing to contribute back to it, so all can benefit.

The system is currently translated into English, Norwegian and Swedish and includes functionality for invoicing, activity management, reporting, statistics, Awards and achievements (and CVs), Email distribution lists, management of organisational elements (e.g. groups, districts, regions), NETS integration (eFaktura and Avtalegiro), etc.

This website

Screenshot of membership system homepage

We are used to building large scale web applications, so it was quite a departure from the norm to create this website that you are reading now. As an exercise, we used Twitter Bootstrap from the ground up, to experience "hand rolling" a new, simple site without the use of larger frameworks.

Screenshot of membership system on mobile

There is a small amount of jQuery and some PHP for basic routing and template re-use. In total, around 6 hours were used to complete everything necessary for launch. The next step will involve migrating the current solution to WordPress, Symfony or AngularJS, depending on the direction we choose to take it (a blog will be a likely inclusion, so WordPress would be a likely candidate).

The site is responsive "out of the box" - one of the benefits of using a library such as Bootstrap.