About us

The CustardLabs team has worked with web applications for over 24 years, with a heavy lean towards PHP, and more recently frontend frameworks and libraries. We have over 13 years of experience developing membership systems as part of a larger organisation, but the applications and user base have matured to the extent that they deserve a dedicated approach.

It was out of this desire to focus more on web applications for membership organisations that encouraged the launch of CustardLabs.

We are a community focused company, attending conferences whenever possible to keep up with current approaches and exchange ideas with like-minded members of the community. We make use of open source software as much as possible, and contribute back when we can.

Founder & Lead developer - Russ

Russ has been working with PHP web applications since last century, and has spent the last 13 years (since moving to Norway) mastering the Symfony framework and related technologies. Russ was one of the original developers of the membership system project and continues to develop today alongside fulfilling project management and other admin responsibilities.

A keen rock climber and runner, you will find Russ frequenting the Norwegian forests and mountains, as well as travelling around to various races (e.g. Tallinn half marathon, Birmingham half marathon, etc.). Russ is proud to hold a few segment records on Strava and challenges you all to have a crack at beating them!

As a private pilot's license holder, you may also find Russ by looking up over the Oslo Fjord, or popping to Sweden for fika - but don't worry, his laptop is never far away! Customers, friends, and colleagues can take advantage of this extra "service" especially as Russ is currently building hours to become an instructor some time in the next few years.

Russ enjoys making custard, combining with fruit or home baked cakes, although Bird's custard is a little harder to find nowadays, it still maintains a place in his heart, and the company name was a funky reflection of this (along with getting really tired of trying to find a unique-ish name to use!).

Developer - Edwin

Joined CustardLabs early 2021, Edwin has been working with PHP applications since 2012 and has spend the last years focussing on creating maintainable applications from an existing legacy codebase.

Originating from the Netherlands, but with a lifelong dream of moving outside this little country, he moved in the same year as joining CustardLab AS, searching for mountains, forest and a lot of snow.

He has a bunch of hobbies that are hard to combine like painting miniatures and hiking or playing video games and skiing. Aside from those you are allowed to wake him for any of his favorite dishes, a beautiful hike, exciting new tech or gadgets. Take a pick! But as a matter of speech obviously, please don't wake him.